August 3-4, 2018

On August 4th,

Free lunch provided at noon,

Auction starts at 1pm.

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The Showcase

Introducing the Inaugural Kiko Heritage Showcase, a premier Kiko event!

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Host Farms

Phillip Wiborn of Just Kiddin’ Caprines and Rich Davis of Pleasant Ridge Goats Welcome you to the inaugural Heritage Kiko Showcase.

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Welcome to the homepage for the Heritage Kiko Showcase!  This premium Kiko event will be a showcase of the traits that make this breed great.  The second annual sale will be August 3-4, 2018 in Carrollton, GA.  Just Kiddin’ Caprines and Pleasant Ridge Goats are the host farms.

Carrollton, GA is located ten minutes south of I-20 between Alabama and Atlanta, GA.  The Carroll County AG Center is an ideal facility for a top level Kiko event.  It features a large indoor arena for the auction, a separate classroom for lectures, a commercial kitchen (look for Suzanne Stemme’s Cooking Class) and a generous area for housing the Kikos.  I do want to mention that the auction and lectures will be in an AIR CONDITIONED facility.  If you’ve been to Georgia in August you’ll know why that matters.

Great efforts have been taken by both the hosting farms and the consignors to present the highest quality Kikos that you will find in any Kiko sale.  This is an opportunity for established breeders to add to the top of their herds, or if you are building your Kiko herd, to get the does that will be your foundation for years to come.